An interactive puzzle experience by Ann Arbor creators

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We are creating an interactive puzzle game where four or five participants have one hour to "escape" from an art installation. The participants will be placed in a space where interior design, sound design, lighting, and a film-like script all work together as part of a comprehensive interactive experience. The game will encourage participants to act collaboratively and creatively to solve puzzles, and it will challenge them to make complex philosophical choices. We plan to offer the game at the Ann Arbor District Library, the Ann Arbor Art Center and other community events.
The story's theme revolves around technology and progress. Participants will be initially told that they will take part in a simple psychological experiment, but as they progress they will come to understand that they are being monitored by an artificial intelligence with unclear motives. Participants will need to come together to understand and outwit the AI; the choices they make will lead to drastically different outcomes.
The installation will consist of four rooms, each with a unique design that reflects the stage of the story. Participants will work together to solve puzzles in each room, revealing more of the story and leading deeper into the installation. Meanwhile, our crew will be in a central control room, cueing lights, musical cues, sound effects, and offering in-game clues if needed.
This installation was inspired by the Breakout Room that we went to in Detroit. We saw how the game inspired people of various ages and backgrounds to collaborate and use their diverse skills to tackle complex problems. By compelling a small group of people to act as an ad-hoc team, we think that we can show people the extent of their talents. The fictional environment offers them a space to use their intellect and creativity uninhibited, and will demonstrate their ability to quickly adapt and organize in unique situations. This insight will hopefully be memorable and inspirational to them after they leave the installation.

Amanda Sari Perez

Amanda Sari Perez is a biomedical engineer and artist. By day, she is a researcher in a biomaterials lab working on artificial ovaries for female cancer survivors. By night, she gets involved in wild schemes that usually involve other creative types in the community. She is a co-founder of All Hands Active, Ann Arbor's first makerspace, and founder of Syncytium, an Ann Arbor and Detroit based collective that creates interactive large-scale installations.

In her spare time, you can find her drawing a mural on her apartment wall or plasma cutting designs into metal burn barrels.

Theresa Carranza

Theresa Carranza is a problem solver, an idea machine, and a scientist. Her goals in life are to creatively express herself, contribute to society as an environmental engineer, understand how to communicate and teach people, and how to foster communities. She has been involved with Syncytium, a community based art collective, since 2011 as an active organizer and volunteers with the Huron River Watershed Council in the hydrology and water quality program.

When she isn't trying to save our planet, she participates in the circus arts like aerial silks, acro yoga, and fire rope dart.

Suby Raman

Suby Raman is a composer, programmer, and emerging bubble artist. He's stumbled his way through a number of fields, like web software engineering, international journalism, Arabic translation, brain-computer interface research, to music education. His musical writing covers a lot of ground, from brainwave-generated sounds to classical writing for orchestra incorporating South Indian dance. In his spare time he does big-data visualizations of the classical music world.

He has worked with the arts collective Syncytium since 2013, building 3D visualizations with Javascript and setting up hookah lounges.

Tom Mansell

Tom Mansell has been involved since 2010 with large-scale, interactive multimedia art projects in connection with Michigan's Burning Man and Maker Space communities. These projects have included construction of a geodesic dome, mazes, improv theater and audio art installations. Tom is also a career creative writer and video production professional. He enjoys making field sound recordings and manipulating them in the digital realm.

He is the writer, editor and voice talent for the podcast "Slumberland", an episodic audio drama.